Conservative Republican

Michael Murray For Assembly

"As a U.S. Marine in Iraq, the people of America depended on us to fight for them and win. I’m now on my next mission to fight and win for California’s 76th State Assembly District. I’ll take back our state from out-of-control Sacramento politicians and make it affordable to live in our cities."


I’m just as proud to be running to serve California’s 76th Assembly District as I was the day I was sworn in as a United States Marine. I’m just as excited about the mission.

My mother raised my brother and I in Brooklyn, New York, by herself. She always reminded us of how lucky we are and through watching her work so hard, it became important for me to give back to hard-working people like her.

I moved to California in 2001 and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Our nation looks up to us as model citizens and as warriors. In Iraq, the people of America depended on us to fight for them and win. I served two tours in Iraq as a combat Marine and received an honorable discharge. I know what it takes to accomplish missions in tough environments.

After leaving the Marine Corps, it was hard to integrate into society because that was my home and my family. I was even homeless for sometime until I dug deep, working various sales jobs from Telecom going door to door, to selling over the phone until I finally worked my way up as a banker.

I was introduced to mortgage lending and when I became licensed I partnered with realtors and brokers to expand my business. Today, I’m a proud small business owner and I’m blessed to have two beautiful daughters, Morgan who is six years old and Mya who is four.

My success was built on hard work and individual responsibility. I know how to cut through tape to get things done and I will take that fight to Sacramento.